What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic, Why replace plastics with wood, well wood is degradable where plastic contaminates the soil, dirt, earth and ocean for hundreds of years. Not only polluting, but also killing  100 million marine animals each year from plastic waste. We care about the environment. Wood is safe for Earth, it degrades, plastic pollutes our planet forever. We use 100% recycle wood.
We care about trees as well, we recycle wood to avoid deforestation.

Do We Sell in Bulk?

Yes indeed we do sell in bulk such products are also in our store section, and they have a Wholesale Discount. If you do require a special order or a modification in your product, don't doubt to contact us! And we will get your request make just for you.

What are the payment options?

Under Maintenance
(Once the Order is in place, one of our team members will contact you for alternative payment options)

What is your return policy?

Indeed, we do work hard to be fair, we do have a detailed return policy, of course if you have more questions you can contact us to happily answer all of them. Check our refund policy here.