Artist Workshop

About Us

Why wooden toys, may you ask? Well in all comes to our current times when the toys our children use for joy have been replaced with polluting plastics damaging our environment, pollution our oceans and also getting to our food chain supply (Microplastics in potable water). Such toys are fragile and are just thousands made by the second by cold metallic, unloving machines. Then our founder had the idea to give his son something made out of wood safe for the nature as it degrades and to avoid cutting threes he used recycled wood. But more special was it that it was made by his own hands' piece by piece, cut by cut. He putted time, effort, love and care made it with warm human hands every curve thought by his own thinking. He did something human! Made by a human for another human. We have decided that more should enjoy such warm and special gift made with loving hands, not cold iron plastic injectors and mechanical molds.

That's our dream not only to save the earth's soils, the sea animals but also our human instinct to create to make something special, unique and different not made by the thousands a second for saving profit by replacing individuality in the product. To retain our human creativity, to retain our ability to create and craft. We hope to pass such dreams to others as well.

Thank you for appreciating the beautiful arts of something made by our kind.