Siloe's Wood Works

Siloe's Woodworks Welcomes You

Get yourself something nice and help Mother Earth!


Our best piece of art

Made by us for you and just for you! With wood and heart

We make wood toys and decors to avoid the use of unnecessary plastics

Every product made with warm loving hands, not cold manufacturing machines.

We love to make each one of our products, unique, special, safe for our planet.

Made from recycle wood to avoid deforestation, trees are important for us.

We prefer to use wood that is destined to be burned in ovens just for the sake of getting rid of it.

We take what people have thought as useless we add hard work dedication and most essential love, and we make it into something jolly and awesome be it for the old and young, to play or decor.

If there’s a specific product you can’t find, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to make custom orders for our valued clients.


Get to Know Siloe's Woodworks

We only make products of joy and decor
We love what we do, and we do it with love and hard work!! Check our products we have many to choose or if you have a special request, anything you will like us to make you contact us, and we will arrange it and make it just for you. Want someone's special name on it maybe a picture, well we can also get you covered with such let us know, and we can get it done just for you.

What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic, Why replace plastics with wood, well wood is degradable where plastic contaminates the soil, dirt, earth and ocean for hundreds of years. Not only polluting, but also killing  100 million marine animals each year from plastic waste. We care about the environment. Wood is safe for Earth, it degrades, plastic pollutes our planet forever. We use 100% recycle wood.

We care about trees as well, we recycle wood to avoid deforestation.

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500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158